Air Conditioning Repair Services

When your HVAC system goes out, you need the help of a reliable, experienced, service professional that can diagnose the problem and repair your air conditioner or furnace at a fair price. You can count on Eco-Tech Heating & Air’s knowledgeable, courteous service technicians for all your heaters, air conditioners and ventilation needs, including the repair of your furnace or air conditioning unit.

If you need a furnace repaired or an air conditioner serviced, we’ll send a highly skilled technician out to diagnose the specific problem and recommend solutions for you and your family. There will be a diagnostic fee for the visit, and will be applied to any HVAC repairs we perform. If replacing your system is the best solution, the fee for the diagnosis will be credited toward the purchase of a new unit as well.

Need help with the cost of repairs for your HVAC system? The Eco-Tech Heating & Air also offers flexible credit and/or project loan financing options to help you complete your repair as quickly as possible.

When you hire Eco-Tech Heating & Air for your air conditioner or heating unit repair, you know we’ll get the job done right and stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty on most repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines if my ac unit should be replaced rather than repaired?

If your unit is 7 years old or older, requires frequent repairs or stops working, fails to heat or cool areas of your home, runs excessively or constantly turns on and off, or produces high utility bills, it may be more economical to replace your existing air conditioner rather than attempting to repair it.


Is there a fee for a visit?

Yes. You should expect to pay a diagnostic fee to cover the cost of the technician’s visit, the diagnosis of your HVAC’s problem, and a quote for the repair options. You will be advised of the issue along with recommended options to correct it, which may include a system replacement if your unit is old or significantly damaged. If you decide to replace the system, the diagnostic fee will be credited toward the replacement purchase.


How can I find out if I am spending too much on heating and cooling for my home?

How do you know how much is too much? Start with your utility company; they can help a great deal. Comparing previous bills isn’t always a good measure, as the weather is never exactly the same month to month. Instead, if you take your energy bill and divide it by the square footage of livable space in your home, don’t count areas like unfinished garages or basements — you can calculate how much you are spending to heat or cool each square foot of your home. Your energy provider can tell you what the average cost per square foot is in your region for that same period of time so you can compare apples to apples. Try our HVAC Savings Calculator to see how much you can save with a higher efficiency unit.