Great prices with exceptional service!
I’ve known Jeff for several years & refer him to all my friends, family & aquaintances .

He’s available 24/7 365 , for those emergencies when other companies just wont answer the phone.

Jeff will not only answer the call, but if need be, drive across state lines to make sure you’re taken care of!

If you want the job done right & in a timely manner by someone who cares,

Call or text Jeff Rohn at Eco-Tech Heating & Air (714) 538-1411.

You’ll be glad you did!

Ian Kam
Jeff has once again saved me! He put in my heating and air conditioning units in 2004. In May 2014 I had it serviced for the first time, no issues. In February 2015, my heater stopped. He came the same day and fixed it (heat sensor was dirty and cleaned it). Didn’t want to charge me, but I forced him to take something! In June 2015, I noticed that the air wasn’t cold. He came and put in refrigerant, the same day! Couldn’t find a leak. He said if it happened again, he would come and put in a leak sealant and also put in refrigerant at no charge. Well I noticed last night that the air wasn’t as cold and it made noise after the air turned off. He came today and found one of the fittings on the outside unit was loose and leaked. He fixed that, put in more refrigerant (no charge), and put on the leak sealant as a precaution. Then I forced him to charge me! He will come by next week just to make sure things are ok. And he’s got this cool thermal imaging camera that hooks up to his phone so he can make sure no leaks, and provides these to his customers on the invoice. Man I can’t tell you how much I trust Jeff! Not only because he never wants to charge me, but always goes out of his way to make sure everything works. Nobody else will do in my eyes. Jeff, you’re the man!
Kim Lepak Tetiva
Jeff at Eco-Tech replaced my heating & Air Conditioning system recently and I recommend them! I knew I needed to replace and upgrade my system and had put it off. My AC stopped working. Jeff got my AC working; and then went over my system proposal, giving me a couple options. Eco-Tech had my new system in within 2 days and it works great. They work clean and leave the house just like they start – covered my wood floors, removed all old equipment, scrap, and packaging. I had another proposal and a 2nd company who wouldn’t make evening/weekend appointments. Jeff gave me a good price, is knowledgeable, and is flexible and easy to work with.
Kathleen Moldenhauer, Review
Great customer service! Jeff & Brandon came thru with a great AC Unit for my home in Huntington Beach during the past heat wave.

Give Eco-Tech a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks guys!


Mykella Linkogle, Review
I had a client who needed their AC to be fixed immediately. After going down a list of companies, I called Eco-Tech. Everyone was incredibly helpful. They sent a tech out immediately, remedied the situation, and my client was 110% pleased. I will only refer Eco-Tech.
Shannon O'Brien, Review